73 Layer Damascus Steel Kitchen Chef Knife 8.5 inch


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These 73-layer Damascus Steel Knives are crafted out of a 73 layer VG10 damascus steel, upper grade than 17 layer version. These knives have a seriously sharp edge, extremely hard (HRC: 60), excellent edge retention and a light center balanced feel.

The handles on these knives are hand crafted out of Mahogany wood, which is water resistant and beautifully grained.
Each knife is hand sharpened to ensure maximum sharpness out of the box. We highly recommend you to once experience the excellent performance and beautility of the Damascus knives.

[Product details]
•Blade Steel Type : 73 Layers Damascus Hammered Stainless Steel, VG10 Alloy Core
•Blade Edge : Double-Edged (50/50 balanced, available for left-handed-right-handed)
•Handle Material : Mahogany woods
•Brand NEW
•Made in JAPAN



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